Glendalby Ear Oil (10ml)

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Helps calm ear infections, ear pain and can loosen ear wax.

Great for kids and adults and can easily be applied by dribbling a few drops of body temperature oil into the ear canal with a dropper and letting it rest with the affected side up for ten minutes.

Next, gently plug the ear canal with a cotton ball to catch the oil and any sediment or infection. Continue rest with the afflicted side down for another ten minutes, then remove the soiled cotton ball and throw it away. You can do this every hour if the pain persists; otherwise, two to three times a day should be sufficient to draw out infection and reduce swelling.

A great product for pets who suffer with ear problems.  Apply a few drops and massage into their ear canal.


For severe infection, especially in children, you should consult a physician. Do not use it on children under one year of age.

Contains Mullein flower (Verbascum thapsus), garlic and olive oil.

2 reviews for Glendalby Ear Oil (10ml)

  1. Cat Mackin

    Absolutely amazing product!
    My dog had a sore ear and I wanted to try something natural rather than something chemical based that the vets would subscribe. I was blown away with how quickly this worked. Within 3 days my dog was relieved from his ear issues and I didn’t have a hefty vets bill or pumped my dog full of nasties. I’m so grateful for this product and I can’t recommend it enough, it is incredible!

  2. Layla Glen

    I had a swollen painful gland and sore throat on the one side which sent pain through my ear, I used this before I went to bed and woke up completely pain-free, I used once more just to be sure it was gone, this really is a powerful product. I have also used on my dog who had an ear infection, cleared up after a days worth of drops!

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