Nappy Rash Balm


Glendalby Range Nappy rash balm helps promote the healing of nappy rash and creates a great barrier to help protect your babies skin.

Always seek medical advice if the rash is associated with a fever or your baby is obviously distressed

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Nappy rash is usually caused by skin irritation, usually from moisture from your baby’s wees or poos, or from the nappy rubbing.

Sometimes nappy rash is cause by bacteria, yeasts, soaps or detergents, or baby wipes.

Some conditions can make nappy rash worse. These include eczema, psoriasis, thrush or impetigo.

Avoid using talcum powder or antiseptic wipes, as these could irritate your baby further.

Ingredients Apricot kernel oil,  Beeswax & Plantain


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