Fungal Skin Balm


Great balm for fungal skin conditions, Some of the most frequently occurring fungal skin infections include ringworm, intertrigo, athlete’s foot and tinea capitis.

Apply liberally to affected areas at least once a day.  Daily application is recommended for at least a week after symptoms clear up to ensure no flare ups reoccur.


An itchy rash, flaky skin, discoloration, and general discomfort. These are the usual signs and symptoms of a fungal skin infection.

There’s plenty of research into essential oils (EOs) and their effectiveness against skin infections, and when combined with beeswax and oil, it can make a soothing antifungal balm.

Most skin fungal infections can reach the third layer of skin. This is why essential oils (EOs) are crucial for this balm.  The potency of EOs can disrupt the cell membrane and walls of fungi which eventually makes them permeable to other compounds which then changes the pH and damages them. EOs also help stop fungi from producing the energy they need to survive and multiply.

Ingredients: oregano infused olive oil, Beeswax, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon grass essential oil & tea tree essential oil.


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