De-stress Blend 25g


With a wild and deep aroma, this De-stress blend will tickle your taste buds just right, and help you relax after a long day!



De-stress blend ingredients:

Improving brain function and preventing mood disorders
Boosting the immune function

Butterfly pea

Is said to have an earthy taste to enhance mood. Some studies have said that Butterfly pea has stress-busting effects which can change your mood, refresh you, boost up your stamina and energy levels.  It also reduces anxiety symptoms, cools your mind, relaxes the nerves and creates positive emotions in you. So that you can have a good night’s sleep.  It is an excellent help with anti-depressant and helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Red Apple
Red apples are beneficial for the kidneys because they contain pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber that helps to boost antioxidants in the kidneys. Apple pectin is also known to be a prebiotic and it stimulates healthy bacteria.

Blueberries are so high in natural antioxidants that they can have amazing health benefits, such as reducing oxidative stress on the organs of the body, improving heart health, and improving the condition of hair, skin, and nails.

Chamomile has calming effects on the mind, it is also a mood enhancer and it helps you have a good nights sleep.


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