Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)


Mullein has been used to help ease respiratory & pulmonary issues. Mullein is great taken in the evening as a tea to help clear the airway and strengthen the respiratory system.

Mullein has been “smoked” for centuries and is known to help lung issues due to its expectorant nature. This means it will help break up congestion and make coughing more productive.

Smoking this herb can help with influenza, asthma attacks, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Mullein contains chemicals called saponins. These chemicals help break down the mucus in the lungs and make it easier for you to cough it up and get it out. This helps reduce the chances of developing an infection from the gunk in your lungs.  A second helpful benefit of smoking this herb comes from its antibacterial properties.

When it comes to smoking mullein, you will need to know that it is tasteless and the plain dried leaves do not burn very well.  While you could just smoke mullein, it is better to combine some other healthy herbs to add some flavor to the mix.

  • Steep for 10 -15 minutes for a herbal brew
  • You can add thyme leaves to a mullein brew or smoke as an excellent companion
  • If smoking on its own add just a small amount of water to the leaves to aid in the burning





Our herbal blend infuser bags are highly recommended for use with mullein due to the tiny hairs on the leaves.

Please note mullein is not intended for smoking for long-term use. It’s recommended to only smoke it when you are suffering respiratory issues to help aid recovery

Keep in mind that if using to smoke, over-dried herbs will be unpleasant to smoke, so you can just spritz them lightly with water and rub the leaves together to moisten them ever so slightly. The end result is a much more enjoyable puff.

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