Turf Burn Balm (41ml)


The natural ingredients used in this balm will help greatly to speed up the healing process whilst helping to protect from infection.

The ‘dreaded’ turf burn is a common injury among hockey, football & lacrosse players. They can be extremely painful and can take weeks to heal.  (This is also great for helping heal friction burns from sports halls & gymnasiums).

This Turf Burn Balm comes highly recommended and is a must have in yours or your child’s sports kit.

Apply as soon as possible and then continue applying  2-3 times a day until completely healed




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Astroturf and other types of artificial grass are known to cause burns to the skin more than any other injury.

Astroturf pitches are not the most sterile places on earth. All types of bacteria and other nasty contaminants populate our pitches, the burns you receive from Astroturf will always contain dirt or bacteria, the fantastic drawing properties of the plantain ingredient will help draw out these nasties.

The old adage of “leave it alone and let the air get at it” only delays healing and leads to increased scarring and re-injury. They hurt at the time but not as much if left untreated. In fact left untreated it can be a gateway to serious infection.

The bigger problem with skin abrasions is that they provide sudden exposure of subcutaneous blood vessels to millions of these opportunistic bacteria. In one study, 42% of players harbored staph bacteria!

Read our blog on turf burn balm for details on the photo.

Ingredients: Plantain, Yarrow, Olive Oil, Beeswax.


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