Feverfew Tincture (50ml) (Tanacetum parthenium)

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Taking feverfew regularly works well as a preventative for migraine headaches. (It must be taken regularly to see benefits).

Feverfew can help break a fever and eases aches & pains associated with cold and flu.  It helps both as a uterine stimulant and a pain reliever and is particularly good at helping relive painful menstrual cramping.

Read more information about this plant in our blog section as it does so much more

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Warning: Do not use if pregnant.

1 review for Feverfew Tincture (50ml) (Tanacetum parthenium)

  1. Dawn

    I bought this product to help my neice with a headache that had been bothering her on and off for a month. She was taking it 3 times a day and by day 3 it had cleared the pain, she was also using a cup of “sweet dreams” before bed to get a peaceful nights sleep, which is also available at glendalby. I’m really pleased with the results and highly recommend this tincture.

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