Hawthorn Tincture 30ml


Hawthorn has a bounty of benefits, famously aiding cardiovascular and digestive issues for centuries.
Extracts made from the berries of hawthorn have shown incredible symptom benefits for treating chronic heart failure and cardiovascular disease.
The extracts made from the berries show excellent potential in providing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, and antimicrobial activity.

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Hawthorn is still used in many traditional medicines to help treat high blood pressure, arrhythmia, a variety of digestive issues as well as arteriosclerosis and heart conditions. There is further evidence that these extracts contribute to lowered cholesterol levels as well.
Studies also show the natural polyphenolic compounds found in hawthorn berries, particularly the fruit’s skin, have chemoprotective potential.
As hawthorn may aid high blood pressure, talk to your doctor if you are taking medications to lower blood pressure or any other medication that may be contraindicated with hawthorn supplementation.
Pay attention to mild side effects such as nausea and dizziness.

Ingredients: Hawthorn berries & alcohol


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