Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

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This herb can bring hope to people with anxiety, depression & other emotional struggles.

Mugwort is a great help for alleviating menstrual pain. 

It’s also extremely useful in support with helping a wide variety of symptoms including anxiety, chronic pain, coughs, and fevers, among others.

It blends very well with other herbs from our collection and will help you feel relaxed when you smoke it.

For brews steep for 5 -10 minutes

Can add honey to the desired taste

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Mugwort is believed to have both medicinal & magical powers.

Mugwort is popular in traditional rituals and ceremonies for warding off ghosts and evil entities.

Also considered the dream herb, it imparts a mild narcotic and sedative property that can induce sleep and bring prophetic dreams.

Keep in mind that if using to smoke, over-dried herbs will be unpleasant to smoke, so you can just spritz them lightly with water and rub the leaves together to moisten them ever so slightly. The end result is a much more enjoyable puff.

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• That you are of legal age to purchase herbal smoking products.

• You agree to use our product for its intended purpose only.

Warning: Do Not Use if pregnant or breastfeeding.  Not for long term use. Use in moderation if prone to allergies as mugwort is a common cause of hay fever. 

1 review for Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

  1. Dany

    I decided to split the tea and only use half as I wasn’t sure about this one, having never heard of it before I’m glad I did as it was quite strong for me and also I need to get used to it, I added honey and it was a very nice tea to drink ❤️

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