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Winter is a magical season it can be full of life and good health. We have herbal remedies at our fingertips during a season in which maladies abound, or at least a season during which we try to fend them off.  Before cures came in a bottle, people often used herbs to treat common ailments and these medicinal plants are just as useful now for helping to fight congestion, coughing, and other cold symptoms as they were before the advent of modern medications.

Recommended Glendalby products to help you through the winter

Chamomile tea as it is a light sedative that will send you into a restful, healing sleep. It also soothes upset stomachs and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

Lemon balm tea has a delightful citrusy flavour and can help you relax and our lemon balm tincture can improve cognition, mood & mental decline.  It offers antiviral effects helping against herpes and the flu.

Rosehip tea as Rosehips are extremely high in vitamin C & also contains vitamins A & E making rosehip hearty in antioxidants which is great for your immune system.

Yarrow tincture helps with the treating of colds & flu symptoms, can calm down inflammation, help with improving circulation making it a fab winter remedy.

Lemon balm & Yarrow balm.  A great balm in helping aid the healing of cold sores and great in helping chapped & dry lips.  A fantastic lip balm for the cold seasons.

Plantain tincture can help ease respiratory issues, bronchial infections and pneumonia.  It can also help soothe sore throats and dry coughs and is a great support in inflammation issues.

Mullein is a must for winter

Mullein has been used to help ease respiratory & pulmonary issues. Mullein is great in helping clear the airway and strengthen the respiratory system and is fab as an evening tea to do just that.  An outstanding expectorant, mullein lessens mucus formation and encourages the expulsion of phlegm, helping to ease the tightness of breathing. It also calms coughing fits and wheezing, and is often used for asthma and COPD. With the cold and influenza season on its way, we need all the help we can get to keep our immune systems healthy and strong.

I personally use mullein mist days as unfortunately I have a lung disease and am asthmatic.  This plant is my lifeline!  Mullein keeps everything manageable for me and has helped me transfer away from modern meds completely.  I use a tincture and often have a nice cuppa on the evening.  I highly recommend our mullein products.  The mullein plant in the product photos is just one of our plants we’ve grown ourselves to ensure you are getting the best products.